21 October 2013

History On My Birthday

On my birthday
I enjoy velvet cake for breakfast,
Lumut cake for lunch and
special chocolate cake for dinner
With full of love 

Today is a special day..create my own history.
Not only today is my birthday, but today i have to attend and chair the meeting for jawatankuasa guru kaunseling zon pudu held at my school for the first time as a president.
Dunno what to expect but i try to rearrange our  organisation to make it better and introduce a new policies. Alhamdulillah my idea get full support from the members and just wait and see how efficient this new policies and management will progress.
I have to prepare my physical and mind for the next  2 hectic years.

After meeting, i have a lunch with my colleague. while chating with them, my student have arrange lakonan yg sgt berkesan to provoke my anger. After i scold them, they bought me a suprise cake...suddenly i cannot control my tears. i really touching coz i just scold them..

Thank you my friend to arrange this party.


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