15 October 2013

Selangkah Ke Hadapan

Salam Aidiladha 
Semoga apa sahaja
Pengorbanan kalian
Dalam meniti kehidupan
Dilakukan dgn keikhlasan

Today i prepare power point SELANGKAH KE HADAPAN  for my talk about transition from primary school to secondary school.. Honestly, this is my first experience deal with primary school and me..alone to give a talk for 2 hours. Previously, I handle motivation slot with a friend for this target student for only 1 and 1/2 hours. So it's really make me headache for a bit to search an interactive clip art..and truely it has been a longggg time I did'nt accept any invitation outside my school coz I have another commitment to do. 

When Syifa, counselor  in primary school invite me to help her to give a talk..I don't know why suddenly I just say yes without any excuse like I do before to any counselor who invite me to handle their primary student. Honestly, I always deal with secondary school and although people always said that primary school is much easier to handle but for me no! no! no! . That perception is not true. Their dicipline are most behave than secondary but to make sure they understand and can absorb your talk is another challange. I have to prepare my power point and use the language to their level of thinking.

Hmmm...kenapalah aku terima invitation ni...my inner self always whisper to me when I blank for 3 days where to start. The reason is Syifa..she is a kind and a committed counselor and I always have a satisfy feeling to her work when she become a comittee in a programme that I join too .. and her face look like me a Chinese look..and my friend always said that she is my sister..ahaks.. and one more thing we receive anugerah Guru Bestari Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras last year that make us still contact each other till now.

Now ..wait and see if I can attract the primary student..it's a personal achievement for me!


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