22 August 2013

Enhancing Student Potential Through Psychological Engagement

  Cyberjaya vs Putrajaya
  New place to explore

I had attend a speech by Prof Dato'Dr Mahmood Nazar Muhamad as a Vice President Academy Student Affair from Cyberjaya University College Of Medical Science entitled Enhancing Student Potential  Through Psychological Engagement .
It is about me a generation X teaching  generation Y and  generation Z
- Be their friend, learn and know their style
- Test them - their interest, vocational and career prospect
- Let them explore
- Motivate them of their own choice and reward accordingly
- There is no right or wrong choice - avoid critizing or punishment
- Redirect with alternative, good example and success stories
- Positive role modeling
It's an intresting knowledge

When Prof said ..be their friend, learn and know their style.
I remember my student encourage and ask me to have facebook account..the reason why almost 50 percent of my friendlist in fb is my student.
My student create for me all my social media account..facebook, instagram in 2012, and recently ..help me to start with my blog.

Now they want me to have wee chat..twitter..etc.
But then i said..no thank you..this 3 social media enough for me. coz i have to admin with my collague 1 counseling page and 1 blog and also one of an admin to my sisters blog.

And not forget vle-frog. an official pages for teachers to create their own site..and the most site i always forget to update and write


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